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Discover our mission to bridge Israeli cybersecurity expertise with the Brazilian market. Learn how we empower businesses to thrive securely.

Cysfera's vision​

Cysfera bridges the gap between Israeli tech excellence and Brazil's evolving digital environment in an economy that's rapidly embracing digital transformation. We operate to elevate the expertise of Israel's top cybersecurity startups, acclaimed for groundbreaking research and innovation. Our solutions are customized for the Brazilian market, ensuring unmatched security for local businesses. Our vision is to contribute to Brazil’s digital growth with the support of Israel’s finest innovations. Partnerships created to guarantee mutual growth, unchallenged security and a bright digital future.

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The Essence of Cysfera

At the heart of the Brazilian business ecosystem, Cysfera is driven by one primary goal: to deliver unparalleled cybersecurity solutions tailored to Brazil's changing digital requirements. Our mission is more than just offering top-tier security. We aim to become a key player in Brazil's digital transformation, blending Israeli tech leadership with Brazil's goals. For us, it's not just about securing platforms; it's about building lasting partnerships and being part of Brazil's digital journey.

Our Story: The Cysfera Journey​

The Co-Founders, Guilherme and Yuval, unite, laying Cysfera’s foundational stones.

Marking milestones, as our solutions gain traction and adoption within Brazilian businesses.

Cysfera takes formal shape, signaling an expansion of our shared vision

Israel's Cybersecurity Excellence​

Israel, often termed the “Startup Nation”, stands tall in the cybersecurity landscape. Over the years, it has not only led innovations but also set global standards in IT security. The Israeli cybersecurity industry’s growth, especially in recent times, is testament to its prowess. 2021 was a landmark year, witnessing the sector raising a staggering $8.8 billion – triple the funds compared to 2020. It wasn’t just about funding. Four notable cybersecurity IPOs were launched from Israel, with 11 new unicorns making their presence known. Significantly, one in every three global cybersecurity unicorns hails from Israel. The year also marked over 40 acquisitions of Israeli firms, amassing around $3.5 billion. This underscores that nearly 40% of global private cybersecurity investments find their way to Israel. Additionally, Israel’s cyber exports were valued at an impressive $11 billion in 2021.

Choosing Cysfera is essentially unlocking the doors to Israel’s vast cybersecurity vault. For Brazilian businesses aiming to elevate their cybersecurity framework, an alliance with Israel’s ecosystem, through Cysfera, secures access to unrivaled solutions crafted for their unique challenges.

Why Choose Us

360° Cybersecurity Expertise​

Cybersecurity is in our DNA at Cysfera. With hands-on technical skills complemented by a proven track record in cybersecurity business development, we are ideally suited to handle your most challenging issues, all while fostering an environment for shared success.

Understanding of Two Worlds​

Our deep roots in both the Israeli and Brazilian cultures and markets provide us a unique edge. Our dual perspective ensures a smoother integration of Israeli innovation into the Brazilian digital ecosystem, eliminating any potential cultural or technological roadblocks.

Strategic Tech Alliances​

Israel's cyber startups are world-class. From this vibrant ecosystem, we identify partners, not just solutions, enthusiastic to join forces in the Brazilian frontier. Bringing not only top-notch solutions but a dedicated commitment, ensuring their innovation syncs with Brazil's unique business rhythm

Relationships Over Transactions​

Our mission emphasizes more than just security; it underscores the importance of lasting relationships. For Cysfera, every engagement is an opportunity to cultivate trust, deliver value, and ensure mutual growth.

Meet Team Cysfera

Hearing from Our Partners

Cysfera's in-depth expertise in cybersecurity and the payments sector has been a revelation for us. Our operational capabilities have significantly improved, making them an invaluable partner in our growth.

Brazilian Fintech Startup CEO

Partnering with Cysfera has elevated our cybersecurity strategy. Their solutions protect our assets and IP, while their training has enhanced our team's skills. It's been a valuable relationship beyond just products.

Education Institution CISO

Patient data security is non-negotiable in our industry. Cysfera's tailor-made solutions not only protect our records but also ensure we're fully compliant with LGPD, providing unparalleled peace of mind and assurance.

Leading Health Institution DPO

Our Commitment: More Than Just Solutions

At Cysfera, we’re about more than just cybersecurity products; we’re committed to the long-term growth and security of our clients. Every solution and partnership reflects our persistent pursuit of cybersecurity excellence. Our vision reaches beyond Brazil, as we aim to be global leaders in pioneering cybersecurity collaborations, bridging gaps, and elevating digital capabilities worldwide.

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