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Cysfera presents solutions, featuring cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies from Israel, expertly adapted for the Brazilian market. We focus on enhancing resilience for Brazilian companies, leveraging internationally recognized Israeli cybersecurity expertise.

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Cloud Security

Defend against evolving threats with elite, agentless cloud protection. Gain unmatched visibility and context-driven risk prioritization.

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Data Protection

Safeguard sensitive data across IaaS, PaaS, & SaaS with LGPD compliance. Discover, manage & prevent potential data breaches.

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Fraud Prevention

Leverage AI algorithms to boost approvals, deters fraudsters, & cuts chargebacks. Enhance reputation with secure, smooth transactions.

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Zero Trust Browser

In a SaaS era, adopt next-gen isolation vs. ransomware & phishing. Empower remote work, cutting costs vs. traditional methods.

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Cyber Security Training

95% of cyber incidents stem from the human factor. Our automated platform offers localized and continuous training for everyone, everywhere.

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Web App & API Security

Seamless protection against DDoS & web app risks. Fully managed next-gen WAF, bot mitigation, & analytics secure your web performance.

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